“I am a 25 year old female who sought counseling with Dr. Nick Pappas for issues involving the breakup of a
long-term relationship and a change in career. We counseled by phone long distance twice a week at first and
gradually reduced to once a month over the period of a year and a half. He helped me tremendously by using his
holistic approach for the mind, body, and spirit. For the mind, he taught me how to use positive affirmations
throughout my day to change negative thoughts and bring myself back to the present. For the body, he taught me the importance of exercise to raise endorphin levels in order to release stress so that healing could take place. For the spirit, he taught me about the power of prayer, especially when I was feeling down or anxious. This helped me to feel calm at all times of the day. Through Nick’s guidance, I have gained the tools I need to cope with any situation, and I no longer need counseling because of the strategies I learned from him.”

– Former Client

“I had the opportunity to play DIV I college football in front of 114,000 live spectators and millions of television viewers during my recent career, and this would not have been possible without the personal and athletic life coaching I received off the playing field from Dr. Nick Pappas. This coaching began for me during my early high school years as an athlete, continued throughout my collegiate career, and continues periodically to this day. Dr. Pappas’s knowledge and advice on how to take your life to the next level through physical, mental, and spiritual training have been the greatest asset for my success! People often say you can do anything you set your mind to, and Dr. Pappas’s teachings have made this idea my reality.”

– Mark Huyge, Former University of Michigan Offensive Lineman


“Dr. Nick Pappas’ presentation for the Big Rapids Public Library Fundraiser event opened the audiences’ eyes to a dark, hidden side of sports. His years of experience as an athlete in college and professionally provided credibility to his understanding of the problems that can occur, including sexual deviancy and abuse. The talk, based on Nick’s groundbreaking book, reveals that sexual deviancy may begin in high school. Preventing these types of problems deserves more attention by coaches, parents, and those involved with children. This book opens eyes to the hidden side of sports and the necessity of more focused reviews of sports programs by those involved.”

Therese Harper MSCTE, CRRN, BSN, B. R. Community Library Fundraising Committee Member


“Dr. Pappas has thoroughly researched the very darkest side of sports, and his findings are very alarming to any athlete and their parents. This is not an issue that can be ‘swept under the rug’ because Dr. Pappas’ book and presentations have helped open our eyes to these problems. Now, it is up to all of us to take measures to protect our athletes from coaches’ sexual abuse and young women from athletes’ sexual deviancy and aggression.”

Larry Rocha, USA Hockey Coach-in-Chief, New England District, Former Youth, High School, Junior, and Collegiate Coach

“I just recently attended a level IV USA Hockey clinic and seminar in Hartford, Connecticut. It was here that I was exposed to a presentation from a Dr. Nick Pappas on “The Dark Side of Sports.” I found the topic to be very interesting and informative in light of the Penn State-Jerry Sandusky Scandal that hit my alma mater. Dr. Pappas educated the group on this sensitive topic and through his years of research on this subject matter showed us that this problem is all around us in every walk of life and sport. He showed us what we as coaches should be looking out for in our own hockey organizations. I learned a lot more from Dr. Pappas in this one session about this topic than any Network News or ESPN program told us since the scandal broke in State College, PA. In closing, this presentation gave me a better handle and understanding of this sensitive subject matter, and I thank USA Hockey for scheduling this speaker and topic.”

Gregory R. Moran, Head Hockey Coach, FDR High School Hockey Club – Hyde Park, New York

“I have known Nick in several different settings over the past decade. He has always impressed me with his conviction to his beliefs and ability to motivate individuals, from children, to students, to pro athletes.”

Toby O’Brien, NHL Scout, Former Professional Coach, General Manager, & Director of Hockey Operations, Johnstown Chiefs, ECHL

“I have known Nick Pappas as a player, coach, instructor, counselor, and friend for over 20 years, and he is one of the hardest working and dependable individuals I know. Nick has an uncanny ability to analyze situations and find the right way to resolve challenges utilizing his educational and real life experiences. He is a terrific motivator and counselor for both individuals and teams as well as an outstanding instructor and coach. Nick is able to teach about diverse subject areas including athlete issues and stress management utilizing a holistic approach that promotes positive change. In addition, Nick has a tremendous background of hands-on experience dealing with difficult, every day issues that affect students, athletes, coaches, managers, administrators, and parents. Dr. Nick Pappas will definitely help you or your organization overcome its difficult challenges!”

– Joe Battista, Marketing Consultant, Former VP of Hockey-Related Businesses – Buffalo Sabres, Former Associate Athletic Director and Men’s Head Hockey Coach, Penn State University

“I have known Nick Pappas for as long as I have been coaching and find him to be one of the most dedicated people I have come across. Nick is a very focused individual that I have seen relate to many different types of athletes from very different backgrounds. His passion and enthusiasm is contagious, and he has a charisma that only the most confident people have.”

– Adam Brinker, Former Professional Hockey Coach & NCAA Div I Collegiate Coach, Kent State University, University of Findlay

“Nick Pappas is one of the most positive and motivated people with whom I have had the pleasure to work. His positive outlook and motivating personality is contagious to all that are around him. Nick’s diversity allows him to bring a new and refreshing perspective to almost any situation he encounters.”

– Mark Hudak, Head Coach Women’s Ice Hockey, NCAA Div I Dartmouth University

“Coach Pappas brought the best out of me. He challenged me both on the ice and off. And it didn’t stop with hockey. He pushed me to be a better hockey player, but more importantly, he was more concerned with me becoming a better man.”

– Dan Morris, Former Head Hockey Coach, Ohio University

“I have known Nick for over 15 years now. While I was a collegiate player, he was very helpful in the development of my game. He brings a unique approach to motivation and life skills that can be of benefit to athletes and coaches alike.”

– Josh Brandwene, Head Coach Women’s Ice Hockey, NCAA Div I Penn State University; Former Prep School Hockey Coach; Former Head Coach, University of Michigan-Dearborn, University of Delaware

“Nick Pappas has an extraordinary insight into the complexity of life and can help put it into a tranquil flow of reality.”

– Yevet Anderson, USA Hockey Mid-Am District Girls/Women’s Sectional Rep.


“Nick Pappas has a rare talent to inspire. He is a dedicated coach and educator who is well-versed in relating to athlete issues, health and well-being, stress management, and the problems associated with aggression in society and sport.”

– Dr. Tim Curry, Professor Emeritus, Sociology of Sport

“At the same time that Dr. Pappas is an accomplished and creative scholar, he also is a former professional hockey player. Hence, he brings a very unique perspective to his work. In essence, he is able to use the “insider’s perspective” of competitive sports alongside the knowledge base of the social sciences literature in order to help others better understand the process of reaching their full potential.”

– Dr. Stephen M. Gavazzi, Professor and Dean, Human Development and Family Science

“One of Nick Pappas’ most impressive qualities is his ability to actively listen and assess the challenges in any given situation, whether that be on the ice, in the classroom, or in a one-on-one session. Nick has an approachable, charismatic sincerity that makes those who come in contact with him immediately feel comfortable. This evaluation may seem contrary to what many people might think upon first seeing his tenacity out on the ice as a player and coach. But, it is exactly this tenacity that both motivates and commands respect.”

– Dr. Allison Warner, Literary Scholar

“Nick Pappas has a breath of experience in both athletics and human relations. This unique blend of expertise positions Dr. Pappas to articulate a motivational message for individuals in a variety of fields including business, athletics, or education.”

– Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Professor Emeritus, Counselor Education

“Dr. Nick Pappas epitomizes the mind, body, spirit connection in his personal and professional life. His ability to integrate these in his work as an athlete, coach, author, speaker, teacher, and counselor make him truly unique. He brings to his work a holistic perspective that can help individuals and teams become the very best that they can be.”

– Dr. Jerelyn Schultz, Professor Emeritus, Human Development and Family Science

“Nick Pappas is one of the most original individuals that I have had the opportunity to call a colleague and friend. Nick’s ability to relate to athletes as people first truly makes him unique. Motivated out of desire to better himself and those around him, Nick consistently has strived toward lofty goals academically and professionally. The result has been a very knowledgeable and informed individual. The skills and professionalism Nick has attained would be a tremendous asset to any athlete or sports organization.”

– Dr. Gregory Austin, Former University Professor of Sports Studies and Collegiate Coach


“I have never seen anyone get as much from their body both physically and mentally as Nick Pappas. To this very day I still use techniques that Nick shared with me over the years in everyday situations. If you are looking for well thought out educated input to push you in the right direction, then Nick Pappas is your man.”

– Bob Manning, Former Collegiate and Professional Athlete

“Nick has the unique ability to motivate and encourage individuals to maximize their athletic skills, and at the same time, keep the concept of “having fun” at the center of all athletic competition. Nick has firsthand experience as a former athlete himself and is highly effective at communicating those positive concepts in a classroom setting.”

– Cory Goddard, Former Collegiate and Professional Athlete

“As a former college hockey coach and fellow graduate student, I have known Nick to provide exceptional insight, teachings, and skill-sets to athletes about sports issues that are frequently overlooked or unaddressed. Nick is on the cutting-edge of a new wave of philosophy concerning holistic health, stress management, psychotherapy, and substance and physical abuse as they relate to the athletic environment. I offer my unfettered recommendation and support to Nick’s teachings and speaking engagements.”

– Ryan Johnston, Former Collegiate and Professional Athlete


Nick is a high energy guy with a great sense of humor, who can pull from a variety of unique life experiences to reach any population. His passion and drive will inspire audiences of all ages to pursue personal growth.

– Amy Rohm, School Counselor

Nick Pappas is one of those guys who always ends up doing things no one thought he could do. Pappas, who grew up in basketball-crazy Indiana, played hockey in high school and was told he could never play in the ultra-competitive junior leagues in Canada. But he did. He was told he would never be good enough to play college hockey. But he did. In fact, he would end-up making his living as a hockey player, starring on a minor-league championship team in the States. When he mentioned that he planned to pursue a master’s degree, some people doubted this. But, he got one -with honors. Then he did himself one better and got a Ph.D. An experienced coach, Pappas prods, encourages and inspires. With Nick Pappas, nothing is impossible.

– Mark DiVincenzo, Best-Selling Author and President of Business Writer’s Group; Former Newspaper Editor and Writer

Interview Recordings

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