Nick Pappas, Ph.D., LPC., NCC, brings a diverse background, with an inspiring and empowering presence, to his audiences and clients with more than 30 years of work experiences that highlight a rare combination of practical, athletic, and academic excellence. Dr. Pappas completed his doctorate degree in Human Development and Family Science with a minor in Sociology of Sport from The Ohio State University. His doctoral dissertation, On the Ice and Off the Rink: A Qualitative Study of Hockey Players’ Aggression, exposed out-of-sport athlete aggression against males and females through interviews with 23 collegiate and/or minor professional athletes. This work served as the foundation for his book, The Dark Side of Sports: Exposing the Sexual Culture of Collegiate and Professional Athletes, because the information that Dr. Pappas discovered and withheld from his dissertation included sexually deviant, but not necessarily aggressive behavior. This project expanded to include 142 collegiate, minor, and major leagues athletes representing five prominent U.S. sports, although virtually every collegiate male sport is noted within these research findings.

Dr. Pappas worked as an assistant coach for the Johnstown Chiefs of the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL), which was the AA minor professional affiliate for the NHL’s Calgary Flames. Prior to this, he coached The Ohio State University Women’s Club Hockey Team during his doctoral program. While earning a master’s degree at Ohio University in the areas of school, college, and mental health counseling, he served as an assistant coach for the OU Men’s Ice Hockey Team, helping the Bobcats to win back-to-back League, Playoff, and National Championships. Dr. Pappas also coached for over 25 years at youth camps and sports clinics, including Penn State Hockey Camps.

As a minor professional hockey player for five seasons, Dr. Pappas played on championship teams in his first three seasons and was his team’s captain during his third season. He gained invaluable experience during the last two championships, which were won under the NHL’s 2004 Stanley Cup winning coach John Tortorella. He played his final two seasons of professional hockey in Europe – first in Sweden and then in Denmark as a player-coach. As a collegiate athlete, Pappas played a season as a “walk-on” at Division I Bowling Green State University before transferring to Penn State University. At PSU, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, he was part of a National Championship Team and was named the team’s Most Valuable Player. Overall, Nick has been a part of six championship teams during his elite-level hockey career – two as a collegiate coach, three as a minor professional athlete, and one as a collegiate athlete. Dr. Pappas was inducted into the Penn State Hockey Hall of Fame and the Andrean High School Sports Hall of Fame in 2004.

As a University Adjunct Professor, Dr. Pappas has taught undergraduate and graduate-level classes including sociology of sport, counseling, sport marketing, health and wellness, fitness, and strength training at several state universities. His academic publications and presentations have addressed athlete aggression, counseling, and family issues. Dr. Pappas’ study, Athlete Aggression on the Rink and Off the Ice: Athlete Violence and Aggression in Hockey and Interpersonal Relationships, continues to draw significant attention from academic scholars and students alike. Incorporating material from his new upcoming book, Dr. Pappas’ presentations, life coaching, and counseling work promote personal and team excellence as well as stress and energy management using a holistic approach that impacts multiple aspects of the self. His presentations also address an array of sexually deviant and aggressive behaviors occurring outside of sport at a variety of levels beginning in high school which are detailed in his groundbreaking book, The Dark Side of Sports: Exposing the Sexual Culture of Collegiate and Professional Athletes.

Dr. Pappas is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a National Certified Counselor (NCC) with nearly 20 years of experience that includes working as a mental health therapist, an adult and adolescent drug and alcohol counselor, a school counselor (grades 5-12), a teenage group home counselor, and as a holistic life coach/counselor in private practice. His experience as a teacher at the elementary, middle, and high school level includes a year of teaching high school theology classes.

Seldom do teachers have the luxury of drawing on the extraordinarily diverse career and educational opportunities that Dr. Nick Pappas has experienced. Nick’s participation in collegiate and professional sports as a player and a coach has given him a unique perspective into both human and athlete behavioral issues. These experiences, combined with practical and academic knowledge and understanding, provide invaluable assets impacting Pappas’ ability to teach, motivate, and inspire his diverse audiences and the clients he coaches.

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